Premier Protection Plans® - Get More Out of Your Boat

Don’t let anything get between your family and fun. Our factory-backed Premier Protection Plans help prevent unexpected repair bills, so you can get back on the water faster! For a small deductible, these extended plans will cover engines, ignitions, livewells, gauges, stereo systems, air conditioning and much more, depending on which plan you choose. They even help cover towing and hoist/liftout costs! With plans to wrap around all warranty coverages, there’s sure to be one that will fit your family’s every need. We have plans to protect you and your investment with coverage for hundreds of components.

The Protection Plans are available on any new or used boat bought at a Tracker Boat Center. New boats are available with up to a 7-year plan and used boats can be outfitted with as much as a 3-year plan. And they’re even transferable! Depending on your hours of use and how long you plan to keep your boat, we have a protection plan that is just right for you.  For more information on the Premier Protection Plans, view the Advantage plan here, and the Pro, and Pro Plus plans here.

Types of Plans

Coverage for New Boats
Five (5), and Seven (7) year plans.

Coverage for Pre-Owned Boats
Three (3) year plans

The Benefits of our Premier Protection Plans 

When your boat needs servicing, you can take it to any licensed marine repair center throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Quality Service
Factory-trained service technicians use the latest diagnostic tools and parts.

Plan Options
Various coverage types (Advantage, Pro, Pro Plus) and terms (up to 7 years) match your needs.

The plan will pay up to $75 for the actual cost of hoist/liftout anytime a covered component fails due to a mechanical breakdown or failure.

The plan will pay up to $100.00 for towing anytime a covered component fails due to a mechanical breakdown or failure causing the watercraft/engine to be towed either in the water or on land.

Upon sale of watercraft/engine, you may transfer the contract to a new owner for a transfer fee of $50 (Cost dependent on residing state regulations)

You may cancel your contract at any time. Contact your selling dealer for details. A cancellation fee may apply. (Cost dependent on residing state regulations)

Deductible for all plans is $100.

For more information, call 1-800-562-6463 or visit your White River Marine Group dealer.