Planning Your Purchase

The financing side of your purchase gives you several options to consider:

How much per month? For many people, the amount of the monthly payment is a pivotal factor in the purchase. Knowing how much you want to allocate from your monthly budget is a key point to bring up in your discussions with your dealer. 
What size of down payment? Typically, loan providers require a minimum down payment of 10%. Having an understanding of your credit situation will help you determine the amount of down payment likely to be required. For example, people with superior credit may be able to obtain a loan with minimal or no down payment. Of course, any amount you put down will reduce your monthly payments for a given purchase price.
How long for repayment? The number of years, or the term, of your loan is another thing to consider. Boats are often financed for longer terms than, say, automobiles. Loan terms of 60 to 240 months are not unusual depending on the amount you finance. Typically, lenders will reserve the longer terms of 180 or 240 months for more expensive boats, over $25,000 or $50,000 for example. Longer terms mean lower monthly payments for any given purchase price. Something to keep in mind, though, is that the longer the term of the loan, the longer it will take for you to gain equity in your purchase. 
What other products and services can I finance? When you complete your purchase, you will have the opportunity to consider the inclusion of optional products and/or services in your loan which can enhance your boating experience. These would include selected Accessories, Extended Service and Payment Protection Plans. Since the benefit of these plans extends for several years, it makes sense to include them in the loan for a very small increase in the monthly payment.


Additional Information
Learn the basics of using credit convenience for financing by viewing our Credit ABCs or for information on getting and keeping good credit read Understanding Credit. See financing Glossary to understand financing terms.