Now that you know a bit about credit and how it might apply to your purchase, how can this help you at the dealership? If you have a monthly payment in mind, share this with your sales consultant when they inquire. It will help develop a common understanding of your priorities and, in turn, help guide the boat selection process.
Once you've selected your boat and your dealer has submitted your application to WRFS, a WRFS loan processor will work with you to finalize the purchase and discuss payment options. You loan processor works directly with the lender on your behalf and has in-depth knowledge of credit and financial services. You'll have the opportunity to discuss the protection plans available to you as well as your preferences regarding loan terms.

WRFS works with many of the best financing sources; our relationship assures your credit request receives the proper attention from lenders so that a credit decision can be efficiently communicated to your dealer. Decisions for customers with excellent credit may take only a few minutes. In situations with dealing with lower credit ratings or lender questions about credit history, a decision may take longer and that decision may be a conditional approval.  This means the lender needs additional information (proof of income, proof of residence, references or other requests). 
Once a favorable credit decision is received, it's off to finalizing your purchase. You'll be presented with a series of legal documents containing the details of your purchase and loan agreements. Make sure you review these carefully and understand the terms and your responsibilities. 
Once you are comfortable and sign the paperwork, it's time to schedule delivery of your new boat. That great weekend on the water is just around the corner!