Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where can I go for traditional retail financing?

Traditional retail financing from WRFS is always conveniently and available at a number of White River Marine Group dealers.


Can I finance non-brand make boats with WRFS?

 Our lending partners will finance non-brand make boats for qualified buyers, through participating dealerships and their affiliates.

Can I trade my financed boat that I own right now?

The decision to trade your current boat is one for you to make with the your dealer. Please consider your financial position with respect to that vehicle and other alternatives that might be available to you. Regardless of the decision, you will remain liable under the current contract until the balance has been satisfied in full.

How is the payoff calculated on a purchase?

The payoff amount on a retail account includes the principal balance, plus any earned and unpaid finance charges and any outstanding fees. The payoff amount may be more than anticipated if you have made late payments or extended the length of your contract.

What if I have ordered a boat that will not be ready within 30 days?

Most WRFS lending will allow up to a 90 day approval on ordered units.  Rate guarantees are always 30 days.

Where do I send suggestions or comments?

Please forward your comments regarding improvements and suggestions, to WRFS Customer Service at:

White River Financial Services
2500 E. Kearney
Springfield, Missouri 65810
800-562-6463, please dial extension 3712